Our research generates value. It constitutes the main strategic lever of each of our projects through a methodology that provides for systematic comparisons of advice with international regulatory authorities.


Nearly 3,000 patients

enrolled in clinical studies and clinical cases

Over 120 authors

have written about us in scientific journals

European Journal of Ophthalmology
Italian Journal of Pediatrics
European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Clinical translational Science
Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Minerva Gastroenterology
Current pharmaceutical design

have published our studies

16 Scientific Pieces of Advice

have been promoted over the last 3 years with the European authorities


  • Using global data and digital technology to activate research paths that are more in line with the patients' needs
  • Technological solutions that allow fast and slow release of the product
  • ‘Preservative free' technologies to improve products intended for chronic use
  • The TiAB platform keeps silver particles in the product always active, thus preventing it from being absorbed
  • Access and partnership with over 40 CMOs to leverage multiple production technologies
  • The intelligent procurement services platform, NTC4YOU, follows orders 24/7 in any time zone


The innovation that NTC pursues is supported by a constant orientation towards the identification of new therapeutic gestures that favour a simpler, more aware and sustainable treatment.

While the evolution of medicine has always been achieved through the discovery of new principles and substances, innovation also consists in the development of the performance capabilities of drugs and medical devices. This translates into easier intake of the medicine, while safeguarding the compliance with the doctor's instructions. There are many examples of these innovations that improve the care experience, from pharmacokinetics to wearable technology.