There are phases in a woman’s life such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause, where physiological changes are particularly challenging.

NTC offers a range of products designed to specifically help address these female disturbances and maintain a general wellbeing: a defensive barrier adjuvant in the treatment of vulvovaginitis, allowing a greater resistance of the intimate area against external attacks to the vaginal bacterial flora; specific probiotic strains for vaginitis and vaginosis to restore a healthy vaginal microbiota; a food supplement with excellent tolerability for iron deficiency; a natural remedy for anxiety and menopausal symptoms.

NTC also offers a full line of products designed to treat vaginitis, vaginosis and candida, leveraging antiseptic substances instead of antibiotics.

Women Health



  • Food supplement containing 100 mg L. Glutathione sublingual tablets
  • Food supplement containing L. Glutathione sublingual granules, with sweeteners 20 sticks pack

Anxiety and Menopausal Symptoms

  • Food supplement containing trans-Resveratrol with Vitamins E, D3, B6 and B12

Iron Deficiency

  • Food supplement containing Iron pyrophosphate microencapsulated in liposomal form, vitamin B12, vitamin C and folic acid, with sweeteners, 14 -28 sachets

Vaginal Defence

  • Vaginal ovules with Boric Acid and TTO
  • Vaginal ovules with Hyaluronic Acid, Lactic Acid and TTO
  • Vaginal soft gel capsules with Hyaluronic Acid and aloe
  • Food supplement with Lactobacillus crispatus NTCVAG04TM (3 billion) and vitamin A, 15 capsules

TiAB and SIAB Family

  • TiAB vaginal soft gel capsules with Sodium Hyaluronate and Aloe Barbadensis extract
  • TiAB vaginal gel with Sodium Hyaluronate and Aloe Barbadensis extract - multidose presentation (tube) and single dose presentation (3 ml sachet)
  • TiAB vaginal foam with Sodium Hyaluronate and Malva Sylvestris extract
  • SIAB vaginal gel with red clover single dose

Vaginal Atrophysm

  • Ectoin 3% Vaginal gel with Sodium Hyaluronate SIAB + Red Clover vaginal gel single dose
  • Tiab + Ginesteine vaginal gel single dose