Words are powerful. There are words and phrases of customers who are living a joyful customer experience: “Your Customer Service team has a very good attitude to support us”, “People of the Customer Service team are very friendly and cooperative, they always solve our problems asap, they are client-oriented”, that is we are doing a good job working with trust, transparency, and passion.

Our Customer Service Team manages the sequencing of activities from customer to supplier and vice versa so that each product is delivered on time to the final customers. The Customer Service team supervises a mutually beneficial relationship with customers that goes beyond the initial purchase and includes a 24/7 service through our proprietary NTC4You platform.

In the overall judgment of the 2020 Customer Service Survey, the average grade grew by 12% and rose from 7.3 to 8.2 with key strengths identified in reactivity, competence, and reliability of the NTC Customer Service team. NTC's mission is to promote a more comprehensive and positive customer journey through its people and new technologies which are strongly appreciated: NTC4You platform is considered the real plus and the flagship allowing 24/7 support to all the customers.

Speed and simplicity are the keywords of the services provided by the NTC4you platform, today used by 80% of our customers, which allows:
  • Placing a new order
  • Tracking the order status “every time, everywhere”
  • Accessing documents relating to orders and artworks
  • Inserting new forecast

If you want to know more about NTC4you please have a look at the tutorial.