NTC Pharma España moves the first steps in the world of Ophthalmology in Spain

NTC Pharma España moves the first steps in the world of Ophthalmology in Spain

  • Feb 03, 2019

During FacoElche Congress (31st January – 2nd February 2019), NTC Ophthalmics Ibérica organized its first Symposium focused on the rational use of topical antibiotics in ophthalmology.

FacoElche is the first national ophthalmology Congress of the year in Spain with north to 1.200 attendees the majority specialized in ocular surgery. FacoElche has a broad international representation mainly from Spanish speaking countries (30% are attendees from Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Portugal).

Pedro Zorita, General Manager of the NTC Spanish subsidiary presented his team and announced the NTC goal: “NTC aims to become the reference company in ophthalmology in Spain, for innovation and products supported by strong evidence-based data”.

NTC Phama España is based in Madrid and it started to call ophthalmologists since February 2019.

“We are launching a multi-year development program called Spanish Innovation “, Mr. Zorita says,” to understand and capture unmet patients' needs through Spanish ophthalmologists and to unleash insights to impact embedded in its product novelties driven by technological development and strong clinical evidences.”

NTC Phama España began its journey in August 2018 establishing the Spanish franchise in Madrid, with the aim to maximize some of the many products that NTC has available and under development. The reinforcement of NTC’s portfolio in Spain started in May 2018 with the acquisition of some Novartis ophthalmic antibiotic products.