A three day intensive Action Agenda for NTC at CPhI 2019

A three day intensive Action Agenda for NTC at CPhI 2019

  • Nov 5/7, 2019

CPhIWW represents for NTC an important event to create valuable long term business with partners from all over the world.

During this CPhI meeting in Frankfurt, the innovation of the NTC products was appreciated by nearly 150 potential interested parties.
In Ophthalmology, the first ophthalmic ointments with HA inside, the biotransformer eye powergels, the new antiallergic eye sprays, the antiseptic eye solutions in wipes rank among the wide range of ocular health products in single-dose, multi-dose, preservative-free formulations, offered by NTC with the aim of improving eye health and enhancing the patient’s quality of life.

In Women’s health, NTC offerings covers the phases in a woman’s life, such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause, where physiological changes are particularly challenging. In these situations, great care must be taken to meet all the specific needs for maintaining a general well-being: the NTC property patented technology TiAB, with its vaginal gels and moisturizing solutions has been identified by many partners as an interesting novelty in the area.
Special attention is paid to Pediatrics at NTC: easy-to-take, child-tailored products, delivering a good balance between effectiveness and compliance, such as safe, natural and complete adjuvant approach to constipation treatment, to restore the intestinal microflora and clean the bowel or even a treatment for gastroenteric meteorism in infants and children. And a very relevant new product for rhinoconjuctivitis too.

Last, but not least, at CPhI we recorded great interest for the NTC gastrointestinal treatments based on innovative formulations for weight management and treatments of alimentary deficiencies.

From Frankfurt to Milan in 2020, around the world, to build new partnerships in the years to come.